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Soul Care

with Kate Lee, certified Spiritual Director

Soul Care, also known as Spiritual Direction, is a spiritual practice with roots in ancient Christianity. It's offered as an opportunity to pause along your journey with God; taking along & loving gaze at the details of your present life and the gentle leading of the Holy Spirit within it. 

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Hello Session

Say hello! This FREE private, 30 min. session offers an opportunity to ask questions about Soul Care, meet Kate, your Spiritual Director and explore what a session is like!

Soul Care

A private, 1 hour session to pause along your journey, taking a long and loving gaze at the details of your present life and the Holy Spirit's gentle leading within it. Sliding scale available!

Mini Soul Care

A private, 30 minute Soul Care session. Perfect for those with busy schedules, tight budgets or wish for a smaller dose of this sweet practice. Sliding scale available!

Soul Care FAQs


1. What is "Soul Care"?

Soul Care, also known as Spiritual Direction, is a spiritual practice with roots in ancient Christianity. It's offers the companionship of a Spiritual Director; pausing together along your journey with God to take along & loving gaze at the details of your present life and the gentle leading of the Holy Spirit within it. Soul Care relies upon the Holy Spirit as the true Director to nourish and guide you along your walk with God, through prayer, conversation and discernment.

2. Who is Soul Care for?

All stages and expressions of faith are welcome. Soul Care is available to anyone seeking to connect with God in a deep and personal way or discern the direction of the Holy Spirit in their life. Those traveling through a "wilderness season" or one of life's many transitions may find Soul Care especially comforting as it provides companionship for your spiritual journey.

3. What's a session like?

Sessions begin with your choice of silence, prayer or guided meditation with scripture. These practices hold space for all of your pieces and parts to arrive; becoming present to yourself and to God. The remaining time slowly unfolds as a sacred conversation about your present and everyday life with God. Within the details of your story, space will be held for you to pause; taking a long and loving look at the details of your present life. It's an opportunity to notice your thoughts, welcome your emotions and notice the gentle leading of the Holy Spirit (Grace) in your life. Soul Care sessions are private and completely confidential.

4. What does a Spiritual Director do?

Spiritual directors are gifted and trained to offer: - Hospitality; creating a space of love and safety to be yourself. - Discernment; attending to the movements of the Holy Spirit in your life. - Dialogue; asking curious questions that invite you to explore your heart and go deeper. - Presence and attentiveness to your story; free from self interest, distraction, personal opinion, etc. - Companionship; coming beside (as opposed to in front) to accompany you on your spiritual journey.

5. How is Soul Care different from counseling?

Counseling or therapy tends to your mental health. Its focus is to help you overcome life-challenges, function in relationships and heal a specific part of your past. Soul Care is considered a spiritual practice. Its purpose is to gently guide you toward a deeper knowing of yourself and closer relationship with God. This practice does not view your relationship with God as a problem to be solved, nor does it navigate your past. It's simply an opportunity to notice the inner movements of yourself and the directional movements of Grace. While not an expectation, many who come to Soul Care are also on a healing journey in counseling or therapy. In these cases, a Spiritual Director would companion with you spiritually while a counselor or therapist would companion with you psychologically.

6. How often and where do we meet?

Six (or more) monthly sessions are encouraged. This rhythm will help us to establish a spiritual friendship and reach a certain level of depth in our journey together. Sessions are offered via Zoom. Established directees have the option of also meeting in person within the area of Summerville, SC.

7. What are your rates? Is there a sliding scale?

Soul Care is offered on a sliding scale ranging from $35-$75 depending on the legnth of your session. You're welcome to choose a place on the scale that fits your circumstances. If a financial barrier remains, feel free to contact me. I would be happy to consider a scholarship or connect you with alternative resources.

What Others Say

*Names have been changed for privacy.

"Kate knows all the right questions to ask to lead me into a deeper exploration of my spiritual journey. Her gentle spirit comforts me. Her warmth always finds its way around me and envelopes me. She is a gifted guide."

Sharon in Ohio


Questions? Feel free to reach out.

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