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Dearly Beloved

A weekly newsletter to encourage your soul.

Hello sweet friend! Hit play (either beside or below) to have this week's newsletter read to you. And then, feel free to write back! We'd love to connect with you!


New Here?

"Dearly Beloved" is a weekly note in your inbox to encourage you in your own journey with God. You can expect to see us in your inbox each Monday with:


  • personal stories about belovedness while standing at the intersections of identity, spirituality and embodiment.

  • We'll also share life-giving spiritual practices, journal questions to ponder, weekly affirmations and occasional invitations to connect in Truly House.


Whether you're deconstructing Christianity, exploring your own identity or doing the holy work of releasing religious trauma, we hope these notes go with you into your week and remind you of your own belovedness.

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