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The Meditation Garden

Christian Guided Meditations

to nourish the spirit, tend the soul

& heal the bones.


All rooted in a monthly scriptural theme & audio recorded. Practice anywhere, anytime!

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Each month, Milk & Honey Wellness offers:

  • 1 Monthly Scriptural theme to nourish the spirit.

  • 4 prayerful, Guided Meditations to tend the soul. 

  • 2 Embodiment practices to heal the bones. 

  • 1 calming Spotify Playlist to accompany you on your journey with God.

  • Archive Access to the growing library!

  • Practice anywhere, anytime with the audio & video recordings!

All for LESS than the cost of a single yoga class. Start your 7 day FREE trial today!

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“This month's Yoga Nidra was incredible! I've been struggling to sleep and it gracefully led me into a much needed nap! God is working in amazing ways through Milk & Honey. Thank you!”

Sarah. (name changed for privacy)

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