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Milk & Honey is Coming


Meet Kate

Hi! I'm Kate, a certified spiritual director, trauma sensitive yoga facilitator and follower of Christ. Milk & Honey Wellness Co. is guided by Proverbs 16:24 which says: "Gracious words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones." 

Milk & Honey Wellness Co. holds space for those on their own wilderness journey with God; those in search of something deeper and truer in themselves and in their faith.


Here you’ll find 3 pathways to journey inward with God:


• Nourish your spirit & deepen your prayer life in the Lectio Library.

• Tend to your soul & discover the sweetness of God's grace in Soul Care.

• Heal from past trauma & reconnect with your body in Embodied Healing.

This is for the weary follower. The tired, the sick, the hurt and the healing.


It is my prayer for you, sweet friend that you might rediscover yourself here and be deeply nourished by God's grace. That no matter where you are along your spiritual journey, may Love guide you home. Above all, I pray that you you come to know this Love not just in your head, but deep in your soul and in the marrow of your bones.

Milk & Honey launches on Dec. 1st! Can't wait? Click here to book a session through my old website.

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